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Five decades of expertise in special inductive solutions

Werap Inductives works with its customers to develop customised inductive solutions for every conceivable application and makes them ready for series production.Our portfolio already includes over 2500 customised solutions for measurement transmission and drive technology in the fields of control and power electronics.We would be happy to support you with your project – from the first functional prototype to series production.


We see ourselves as a supplier of the entire value chain

Do you need a competent partner to support you throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to development, procurement, sampling and production, or do you simply need a competent winding company that produces to order? We will be happy to provide you with help and advice.


Endless customised solutions

Push the limits of physics with us

All our products have one thing in common: they are customised special solutions. We produce winding goods with and without coil formers, wind directly onto core material or even glass, wind toroidal cores, manufacture assemblies. This allows us to offer a spectrum ranging from simple baked varnish coils to fully assembled and programmed linear motor units. Of course, we also offer contract or custom winding of coils, transformers, chokes and converters.


  • Industrial electronics

    Inductors from the assembly line are mainly used in this area. Time and again, limitations are encountered.
    This is where we come in. For example, we manufacture coils for signal transmission in the smallest of spaces or more robustly designed transformers that will outlive us all.

  • Measurement, control & regulation technology

    Transducers that specifically meet your needs, inductive sensors that are precisely designed for the required measuring range or precisely designed RF inductors for resonance tuning or signal filtering? We will be happy to manufacture and test exactly according to your requirements.

  • Regenerative energies

    The WERAP Group is helping to support the energy transition with customised electronics. We can make a significant contribution to the industrialisation and production of innovative products, both in the implementation of highly efficient electricity storage systems and in electromobility.

  • Defence

    As a partner to the aerospace and defence industry, we are subject to enormous quality and safety requirements.





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