The WERAP Group offers a wide range of services in electrical engineering, inductive elements and cable manufacturing. We have the right solution for almost every application. Here we provide you with an overview. You can find more detailed information on the websites of our companies (see also link).

About us

Werap Electronics

  •  Assembly

    We rely on the consistent use of the latest production technologies andhave many years of experience in electronics production. We produce small, medium and large series in any size at low cost at a number of production sites in Germany and abroad.

  •  Component assembly

    Our ongoing optimisation of assembly processes and a proactive, customer-oriented approach ensure continuous improvement in quality, prices and flexibility. In addition to the classic assembly of mechanical modules or assembled printed circuit boards, we also supply complete subsystems.

  • Testing and inspection

    With our multi-stage test concepts, AOI, flying probe or in-circuit testing and a further functional test, we guarantee you fault-free, high-quality products that are manufactured into complete assemblies and devices in our assembly department. We use the appropriate test concept for your individual product based on the specific product requirements and the varying quantities. It goes without saying that PCBs, assemblies and devices are subjected to a final visual inspection before delivery.

  • After-Sales-Service

    Communication and customer satisfaction beyond the point of purchase is very important to us. With our after-sales service, we support you when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your products, the disposal of obsolete components or the processing of complaints and other service issues.

Werap Inductives

  • Development

    With years of expertise and modern measuring and development equipment, we can help you with all your engineering tasks relating to winding goods. Whether you need advice and calculations or even the entire basic development of your electromagnetic assembly – WERAP Inductives provides you with expert support.

  • Prototyping

    Whether a winding good has been calculated theoretically and you need prototypes quickly for testing or you have changed electrical properties and want to measure it practically – we can provide you with prototypes and samples within days. Thanks to our in-house toolmaking, prototypes can be produced with the highest precision.

  • Production

    We produce winding goods according to your specifications – you can specify each operation and the material, or simply define the final properties of the desired product. We offer you the optimum production quickly and reliably, from individual items to large series. Do you have all the semi-finished products and are looking for a winding company to manufacture your products? Here, too, our production facilities are at your disposal.Contract winding or order winding, as well as the complete engineering of your inductors (coils, chokes, transformers or transducers), are among the services we can provide.Our production facilities include modern, high-precision winding machines and systems. Our machinery consists of various toroidal winding machines, linear winding machines, systems for vacuum impregnation and dip coating, 3D printers, climate chambers, moulding machines and other production equipment.


  • Cable assembly

    We specialise in cable assembly, cable harnesses and other cable solutions. We offer a wide range of complete customised solutions for single strands, ribbon cables, sheathed cables, coaxial cables, cable harnesses and special cables.

  • Assemblies

    In addition to the classic processing of conductors with connectors, WERAP Cabling also offers the production of complete assemblies. As a full-service partner in cable assembly, we handle the final assembly of your components and semi-finished products. We have a wide range of processing techniques and testing procedures at our disposal. Thanks to our extensive range of components, we can meet almost all specific customer requirements and also realise short-term adaptations and special solutions.

  • Components

    In addition to customised cable assemblies, other components such as resistors, IC chips or components are often installed in assemblies and semi-finished products. Furthermore, their scope of delivery is often extended to include additional components (e.g. for final assembly). Many companies from almost all industries procure components as supplier products. This is why high-quality and correct procurement is always crucial for smooth further processing. As an experienced and established cable assembler, WERAP Cabling has demonstrated in countless projects that it fulfils the high demands placed on a supplier company. With our one-ramp solutions, we offer more than just cable processing – we manufacture and supply components from a single source.



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